Getting to grips with painting my spare room

I can’t put this off any longer, I’ve got to do it and I’m using the blog as a tool to make sure that I do it.

I have been using this blog to push myself to lose weight by achieving the goals I have set myself in conjunction with my personal trainer.

Things have been going really well and I’m pleased I have got a little outlet here on this blog, somewhere anonymous to hold myself accountable and challenge myself and also some where to pour out by feelings when I need to.

But today I’m going to use it to paint my spare room. Not literally to paint my spare room, but to motivate myself to paint it. I have been promising my husband I’m going to do it for several months now, because he works full time and I only work part-time. The spare room is the last room to be done and it’s pretty disgusting to be honest. He has already pulled up the carpet in there and now there is really no excuse for me not to do it.

I think I’ve been putting it off because I’ve been focusing on losing weight and having a better diet and trying to get my fitness levels up, but I think the time has come for me to stop using that as an excuse and get on with it. If I really get going, I can paint it in two days, so it is not that big a deal, but it’s having the motivation to do it.

You know what I mean, a really mundane job that you don’t want to do and you end up finding loads of reasons not to do it, basically you procrastinate and hope it will go away.

That is something I’m really fighting hard not to do any more, procrastination and hiding has been something that has held me back all my life and I’m determined not to do it. It’s part of the reason I comfort eat, I can’t face tough choices so I end up retreating into eating to comfort myself from the fact that I have avoided the fight. I cannot keep doing that and I am determined not to do it even with things like painting the spare room.

Nothing is going to beat me any more, and I’m certainly not going to let painting do it. I going to face up to it today and get on with it, and I’m also going to do some exercise well, so that I keep on track with my weight loss target.


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