A day off work and feeling really blue

I didn’t feel very well today so I had to take a day off work. My husband took the kids to school and sorted everything out before he left. Which has left me sitting here feeling really lonely and blue.

I’m not sure what’s wrong, I think I might just have a bit of a general rundown cold, flu, that sort of illness. I’m hoping it goes away today because it’s making me feel really down and because I haven’t got much to do, I’m sitting here thinking about things don’t really want to think about.

On top of that, I’m worried that it means a day of sitting around the house not being able to exercise and I’m worried that I will get bored and start to eat badly which will set my diet routine back.

I was meant to meet my personal trainer today and I’ve had to cancel that as well, I don’t want to upset her and that’s made me feel really bad as well. So I’m not really in a very good place right now and I’m hoping that I can get on top of it before tomorrow comes.

I suppose I should be positive because I have lost 6 pounds so far and things seem to be going really well. But I’m so terrified of overeating that it’s becoming an issue in my mind. When I’m at work it’s not a problem so much, but today sitting around the house I’m a bit bored and down and it’s making me want to meet. I’m realising how much I want to comfort eat and what a driver inside me it is and that really scares me a bit of I’m honest.

But I suppose I should try and be positive rather than get really down, but then everybody gets a bit down when they are real. I’ve managed to reschedule with my personal trainer and so it’s not a problem in that respect and she seemed fine with it, I suppose everybody gets ill. In terms of losing weight, so far today I’ve only eaten one thing which is bad, and that’s a couple of rounds of white toast and jam, so just got to make sure that I don’t go crazy from this point onwards. So to finish this blog post on a positive, I am feeling blue today with nothing to do, but I haven’t had a disaster yet.


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