Today I got really angry over a parked car

Today has not really been a great day, I got really angry and upset and ended up eating and not exercising at all. It’s been really really not very good at all.

I had been doing really well and had lost a few pounds, and I was very happy with how my weight loss progress was going.

On a positive note, I have found a personal trainer who lives just down the road and we have had a chat and I think she’s going to help me, but it’s too early for her to help me today, and it has been horrible.

Basically, I got home from work to find somebody had parked in the allocated parking space outside our apartment. There are two allocated parking spaces for each apartment and my husband’s car was in the other one. When I went in I expected to find somebody they’re talking to him, but he didn’t know whose car it was either.

For some some reason I felt very violated. I went out and put an angry note on the car and then knocked on all the doors of neighbouring apartments but nobody knew who it belonged to, or nobody was saying. It could well have been somebody who had dumped the car and then gone off to do something locally. Anyway, they didn’t come back until late in the evening, and it was dark and I didn’t see the car go and I was really angry because I wanted to confront them. But on reflection is probably good I didn’t because it could have escalated and got nasty.

So then I was really upset and spent the evening comfort eating just like the bad old days. I think I may have undone any good work I did so far in my attempts to lose weight and get my health and fitness to a higher standard.

My husband was supportive but couldn’t really understand why I was so angry. He said obviously put a note on the car, but that is not really a lot else either of us can do, I can’t go out and hit him and you going outside and screaming at him will not help either. Deep down I know he was right, but at the time I was just so angry.


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