My plan to lose weight for the long term

This is my first serious attempt at laying out in black-and-white exactly what I’m going to do to achieve long-term weight loss.

I’ve been reading really hard over the past couple of weeks and making lots of notes on the best ways to lose weight, what sort of diet to have, what sort of exercise to do. It’s quite difficult to sort out the good from the bad, and I’ve been reading a lot of websites including the Podaima Performance site which has a lot of great information.

One thing I gleaned from reading a lot of health and fitness websites is that I could really benefit from having a personal trainer. I don’t have a problem with spending the money, so I have been looking around over the past few days for a personal trainer in Winnipeg who can help me. There are gyms around here, but I’m thinking they might charge a premium for me to use their personal trainers. So I’m looking for a self-employed person locally here in Winnipeg who might be able to help me with my fitness program.

Anyway, what I am in at the minute in terms of trying to lose weight is a Catch-22 situation. That is what I have to get out of. When I get depressed I eat, which makes me more depressed and then I eat more. I have to break that cycle, and I think the way to do that is through focusing on good diet and regular exercise and focusing on the positives in life.

It may mean that it is a long tough road, but I think in terms of losing weight for the long term I have to break the cycle I mean once and for all. That means confronting some issues and being brave over the next few weeks so that good habits become embedded forever.

And it’s not just about good habits, it’s about planning. I have to get a diet in place and plan each day ahead, so I’m not snatching at what ever is to hand when I get ravenous. And that is part of the problem, I’m rushing around so much that I get really hungry and they just have to eat, and I grab anything just to get calories inside me. That isn’t great and I know that it’s created a horrendous eating habit in me.

So that’s it, that’s my plan laid out here to lose weight and get my fitness back on track for the long term, I’m going to keep looking for a personal trainer, and I’m going to get a diet plan laid out and I’m going to start with some gentle exercise in the next couple of days just get the ball rolling.


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