My reasons for starting a blog about my weight loss journey

It had to stop. It has to stop.

I can’t go on the way I am. I have been putting off doing something about my weight and self-esteem issues the years and all that’s happened is that I have been eating more, exercising less and becoming more and more physically and emotionally lazy.

The end of all that has been that I am very overweight, more than three stone overweight, and I feel lethargic and ugly. I cannot carry on like this and I have to do something about it right now before it is too late and I require long term intervention to help myself.

I don’t want to become a statistic and more importantly I don’t want my children, who are both still very young, to grow up with the idea that being obese is normal. So I want to lose weight and I want to get fit and I want to get healthy so that my family get a good role model like I should be.

So I’m going to use this blog to pour my heart out and put pressure on myself to succeed. I need that jolt, that electric shock to get me going, and I think that the fact that I could affect my children’s health in the future by being way I am is that jolt. And I need to spell it out here to make sure that I can see it in black and white and understand how serious this could be.

So this blog is going to be about my weight loss journey and I’m going to be holding myself accountable for it. I live in Winnipeg, Canada, so this will mostly be about my fitness journey and a bit about my life here, so I apologize if some of this blog is boring to anyone. I hope that if you are also struggling with your weight that you do find what I write here useful in your own battle, but generally I am writing this from me, for my own benefit, so please don’t be offended if you don’t get anything out of reading it.


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